Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th January 2024 Written Update: Ishaan marries Savi

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th January 2024 Written Update: At the beginning of the Episode, all of you will see that Savi is very upset and unhappy because his family is not there, the same on the other hand, the police will arrest Samrudh and take him to jail and along with Ishaan, Savi along with Ishaan will also reach the police station. Meet Samrudh.

Next to this, all of you will get to see in the episode, Savi gets very angry after seeing Samrudh and Savi is going to say to the rich you said that I did the same, then why did you kill my family members, now I will not leave you. Savi moves towards Samrudh, but the female police employee stops Savi, then the police take the opportunity to take the gun of the inspector and try to shoot the prosperity and seeing this, the police personnel speak to Savi that I am Giving it, the bullet will be shot by mistake, but Savi does not listen to anyone and says that the bullet will not be mistaken by mistake.

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Ishaan stopped Savi from shooting at Samrudh

Ishaan is going to stop Savi, seeing all this, the other and the police lodges Samrudh and his Baba Mandar Latkar in jail, and on one side they bring Savi’s Tai Harini back home from the hospital, and the same on the other side The family members are also very upset that he has said that he has not yet come to the house, now in such a situation, after seeing the news, the truth will be known that Ishaan is said but what has happened to Savi and what has happened to Savi.

Ishaan decided to marry Savi

Ekka Saheb is also going to be surprised about the news of such a big accident with Savi, now friends, there is a new mode in someone’s love, a new mode will come in the series of Ishaan and Savi because the family of Savi because of Ishaan. The person is not with him, now Ishaan is going to keep a promise given to Baba Ninad of Savi and is going to decide to marry Savi and soon you are going to see the wedding of Ishaan and Savi.

Ishaan and Savi will start love

When Ishaan’s decision to marry Savi, when Ekka and Rewa know Rewa, his senses will fly away because on one side Rewa’s heart will break, on the other hand, the intentions of Ekka Sayeb will not be able to succeed, now after marrying Ishaan In Savi’s life, it is going to be troubled as soon as Ekka is against Ishaan and Savi’s marriage, but Ishaan will go against Ekka Sayeb for Savi and always will suit Savi and in the meantime, there is love between both Ishaan and Savi and in the meantime will go

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